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Vehicle Emission Checking Center
Vehicle Emission Testing Center was started in 2003 for validating & certifying vehicles on emission standards as per emission norms.

Emission Checking & Certifying facility charges Rs. 30 for motor-cycle, Rs. 50 for LMV & LCV, Rs. 100 for HMV and issues a certificate which is valid for six months (Govt. Authorized Certifying facility). Currently the service center services around 100 to 200 vehicles on an average in a month
We test & certify both Petrol & Diesel Engines in Motorcycle, Light Motor Vehicle and Heavy Motor Vehicle
Emission Checking Center Photo Gallery
In a petrol engine the testing is done at idling speed, The qualities of Carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbons should not exceed the values defined in Euro I,II,III,IV together with Bharat Stage I,II,III,IV standards for the appropriate make of vehicles.
In a diesel vehicle Smoke density (heritage unit) and Light absorption co-oefficient are checked as per the Euro & Bharat Stage Standard values corresponding to the make of vehicles.
Mr. M.Jeya prabahar is the uthority for the emission checking & certification. Certified & acknowledged by the Government.
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